M-Power Servicing, Diagnostics & Repairs 

The BMW M-Power division was initially set up to design, develop and create BMW cars to dominate on the track. The advances made in power, performance, and handling soon found its way onto the road through the entire BMW range.

BMW offer an exclusive range of M-Power vehicles, these are improved performance versions of the standard road cars. The majority of the M-Power models seen are the M3 and the M5 these are based on the hugely successful 3 and 5 series platforms. However there are M models available right from throughout the range from the 1 series to the X Series.


What we can offer M-Power Owners

Here at BM Automotive Solutions in Wolverhampton West Midlands, we have the experience, training, knowledge, diagnostic equipment and special tooling that allow us to look after M-Power vehicles to the highest level. From regular servicing including valve clearance adjustment to the latest dealer level software updates we are the number 1 for BMW M-Power in the Midlands- Contact us to discuss your MPower

We only stock and use Castrol Edge engine oil and will always make sure we use the correct grade for your car, typically Castrol Edge 10w60, we always follow BMW servicing schedules, keeping your service history up to date and use Genuine BMW filters and parts unless other wise agreed first. 

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