What happens when you don't change your engine oil often enough

We at BM Automotive Solutions not only undertake regular servicing but we also carry out diagnosis work with poor engine running, EGR faults, Turbo charger related faults, as well as Vanos and Valvetronic work.

Some of the problems we see can be directly linked to a lack of regular servicing, or servicing with low quality filters and oil.

As soon as you turn the key oil begins to absorb carbon and acids ( both being a by-product of combustion ) - This is why the engine oil turns from a golden colour to black. 

The longer the oil is left unchanged the less effective it becomes and it gets overloaded with carbon. Eventually the oil begins to solidify and become sludge like! This is when problems occurs, sludge can stick to important engine components and block important oil galleries and breather systems, by the time a running fault is detected it is usually too late and an expensive repair is required.

To avoid this scenario we recommend 3 things:

  1. Annual servicing or 10k miles which ever comes first
  2. The use of O.E or genuine filters and a high quality grade oil - We use Castrol Edge 0w-30 which is BMW LL04 approved
  3. The use of an engine flush and then where possible an engine oil conditioner to add extra protection against sludge and acid build up

If you follow those 3 recommendations you significantly decrease the chances of an engine fault occurring and expensive repairs.

We can carry out engine oil changes from as little as £99!

N42, N46 engine coked, sludge