The importance of regular engine oil changes.

Ever wandered why you need to periodically change the engine oil and filter in your car?

Engine oil deals with extreme heat, acid contamination, carbon build absorption whilst providing your engine with a high level of lubrication at vital engine components, without which serious damage can occur leading to expensive repairs. The engine oil filter is in essence a paper filter designed to filter out even the smallest particles of dirt and swarf, again protecting important engine components whilst maintaining a good oil flow throughout the engine.

So what if you only do a small amount of miles each year? Why is it still important to get a service carried out?

Today's engine oils are what we call "Fully Synthetic" they are blended in a laboratory and refined to give maximum engine performance and protection, to many peoples surprise they do have a "Best Before" date usually stamped on the bottle it comes in. With age the oil begins to break down and the quality can not be guaranteed.

The second reason is the oil filter, as its main construction is of paper, eventually after being soaked in oil it will begin to break down, this can cause blockages in the oil filter housing and can lead to complete engine oil pressure loss, this can lead to expensive engine repairs.

So what if your car is driving ok? It starts ok and it passed its MOT, why bother spending money on a service?

Engine oil absorbs carbon which is the by product of any internal combustion engine, both petrol and diesel. There is a limit to which is can do this, when this limit is reached the oil will begin to solidify and become at first a sludge and then at an extreme a solid. This will block important oil galleries and breather systems as will lead to expensive engine repairs. This is a recent example of car that went around 30k miles without an engine oil change (15k miles over what BMW recommend and 18k-20k miles over what we recommend)

The oil filter is almost completely blocked by sludge, the breather system is almost completely blocked by sludge, the turbo oil feed and return pipes are completely blocked. This car has suffered a complete turbo failure as a direct result of not getting a service. The repair on this vehicle 10 times what an oil and filter change would of cost.

Easy steps to avoid expensive repairs:

  • We recommend an annual oil and filter change or 10-12k miles
  • We recommend the use of an engine flush which can help remove any carbon deposits from your engine
  • Use original BMW filters or O.E quality filters
  • Use only approved BMW LL04 engine oil, we recommend Castrol Edge

We recommend BG products are used as part of regular servicing, firstly we can use BG 109 EPR which is designed to break down and remove any carbon deposits in your engine by being added to the old engine oil prior to draining. Secondly we can DOC for diesel engines and MOA for petrol engines, this additive is added with the new engine oil and helps resist and prevent both sludge build up and acid corrosion with the engine, giving you maximum protection between services.