BMW Electronic service history update and display on I Drive

All new BMW and Minis now have electronic service history records.  This means no more service book ( something that can be lost, or fraudulently filled in  )

The electronic service history is updated by the our selves during the service and can be displayed on the vehicles I-Drive display, keeping a record that is quick and easy to access. 

In order to do this we have signed up to a Trade BMW account, and invested in the BMW diagnostic hardware and software required, this enables us to carry out the process as a main dealer would do.
Garages that do not sign up to this or that run non legitimate BMW diagnostics will not be able to do this, and will leave gaps in your service history record, something that could become a problem should you come to sell the car or trade the car in.

BMW key reader

To begin this process we access the service data stored within the key, using a BMW key reader - this will also contain the vehicle details, date and mileage.


We then carry out the service that is required meeting and often exceeding BMW standards.

Once the service work is completed rather than stamping a service book, we connect the car via a BMW diagnostic head to the BMW diagnostic software connected to BMW Germany.
We have to pay BMW every time we carry out this process, this will be included in the price of the service
We then transfer the service information to the car where it will now show under the service history in the service menu. This can be display slightly differently on BMW and Mini models depending on the vehicle specification, below are some typical examples.


Please remember we can only update the history to show services that we carry out, we can not show services that other garages may have done.

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Update August 2018.

We have seen an increase in garages claiming they can "update the key" this at best is simply only resetting the service data and using a key read device, and this will not include the uploading onto the dash. We have even seen other garages charging for the service and then telling the customer to go to BMW for the update!!!  

An incomplete service record will hinder your chances of a BMW goodwill claim should you have a problem just outside of the 3 year warranty, and it will also effect the value of the car as a trade in. Leased cars will also need this record kept up to date.