BMW Timing Chain Failure and Repair. N42, N43 and N47 engines

BMW engines since the mid 1990's have used timing chains instead of cambelts. This removes the servicing aspect of replacing the belt and gives the owner piece of mind, almost eliminating the potential for a failure.

On the whole the BMW timing chains have been very reliable and often outlive the life of the car and the engine, however in more recent times they have not been without fault.

Although a snapped timing chain would be a worse case situation and would result in serious internal engine damage, there are other problems that we experience. The most common fault we see is noise from the timing chain area, this can be down to a failed tensioner, low engine oil and oil pressure, or damaged and broken plastic guides. 

When we carry out the timing chain repairs we only use Genuine BMW parts - We have experience of other garages fitting non-genuine parts which have gone on to cause problems and result in the customer paying out twice for the same job!

As well as only using genuine parts, we carry out a full overhaul not only changing the Timing chain, but also the plastic guides, crank sprocket, tensioner, all applicable gaskets as well as the engine oil and filter. - We also recommend the oil sump is removed to clean out any debris ( Broken plastic for example )

We have engine timing tools to cover every BMW and Mini engine, as nearly all engines now have variable valve timing it is imperative that the correct special tools are used to guarantee the correct timing of the engine. 

Examples of engines that we regularly replace the timing chains on are: 

  • N42
  • N45/N46
  • N43
  • N47
  • N52

We also have experience replacing the timing chains for Mini models including the Cooper S models. Engine codes:

  • N12
  • N14
  • N16
  • N18

If you think you may have a problem with your timing chain it is better to get it repaired before it fails. Please contact us on 01902 798359 for more information or fill out a form on the "contact us" page.