Air Conditioning Service

With summer fast approaching now is a good time to get your cars Air-Con system checked, and if necessary cleaned and re-gassed. 

Over time Air-Con gas escapes from the cars air conditioning system, this causes a drop in efficiency from the air-con system and will eventually cause the system to fail all together.

bmw and mini air con service

Did you know the Air-Con gas contains the lubricating oil necessary to keep the Air-Con pump working all year round?

As well as providing ice cold air from the heater vents, your air conditioning system also draws any moisture out of the car ( this can sometimes been seen as a puddle under the car ) unfortunately one side effect of this is that the moisture gathers inside the dashboard of your car and can provide an ideal environment for bacteria to form and flourish, this can lead to rather un-pleasant smells from the air conditioning system.

Fortunately we can help prevent this by carrying out an Air Conditioning clean as part of the air conditioning service, this will help remove any bacteria build up and leave a pleasant citrus smell which will last around 3-4 weeks.

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